Crates Simulator for PUBG

Crates Simulator for PUBG

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Do you want to try your luck, but do not spend money

Then this is the application for you!

Crates Simulator is a simulator for opening crates from the popular PUBG™ game

In the application there are 12 different cases:

1. Wanderer Crate

2. Survivor Crate

3. Gamescom Crate

4. Pioneer Crate

5. Biker Crate

6. Desperado Crate

7. Militia Crate

8. Fever Crate

9. Raider Crate

10. Triumph Crate

11. Equinox Crate

12. Aviator Crate


The application is a simulator, the received things can not be used in the original game.

*PUBG is a trademark of Bluehole Studio, PUBG Corporation.

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